marine sparesA lot of contradicting definitions can be found on the Internet: what is the difference between OEM, genuine and aftermarket spare parts? The definition we use is as follows (and again, there are other definitions but we need to choose one to prevent misunderstandings)

1. OEM parts (Original Equiqment Manufacturer)

We define the OEM as the seller of the main product. So Mercedes is an OEM selling cars, Schindler and OEM selling elevators and Caterpillar engines. All three produce parts in their own factories (car chassis, elevator control panels and engine castings), but they also buy parts elsewhere (ignition systems at Bosch, elevator ropes in China, and pressure gauges at Wika). So to conclude: regardless where the OEM got them from, OEM spare parts are always bought at the OEM and carry the OEM brand name to proof so. Mr Marine  spares can often buy OEM spare parts at a lower price because of  our bulk orders.

2. Genuine parts

As mentioned, OEM’s buy parts with other makers too; we call these ‘genuine makers’. So genuine parts are 100% the same as the OEM part, but do not have the OEM sticker; only the genuine makers brand name. So how do we find out ?
For many years we buy the first spare part at the OEM, peel of the OEM sticker and 9 out of 10 times the true maker’s  brand name and serial number appears. We record both the OEM and the true maker serial  number in our system and when a new OEM parts enquiry comes in, we  cross reference and buy at the genuine maker for a much lower price.  So exactly the same quality, but to a much lower price.
Note: Original spare parts can be OEM, but also genuine parts.

3. Aftermarket parts (or OEM-equivalent)

These are pare parts made according to OEM specs. Owners often use these for non-critical components on board or when OEM pats are no longer available. The only difficulty with aftermarket spare parts is quality. There are absolute top quality aftermarket components in the market (even better than the original), but also terrible ones that will ruin your main equipment. So how to recognize good from bad?
We did so over the years by visiting factories, checking test reports, tolerances used, ISO-9001 certificates, credentials, asking other users experiences, and sometimes by trial and error. It is a long process which we think to have mastered to guarantee high quality products for much lower pricing. When we state ‘MRMS tested and approved’, we believe that it is save to use, and  to a much lower price.

Important note: on all our quotations we mention per material line what type of spare is offered, including referral to this page of our website to prevent any misunderstandings.

If the equipment, machine or brand is not mentioned in the corresponding section of our product portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact  us whether we have possibilities for supply. Our team will be more than happy to assist you on a 24/7 basis.